Profit is the fuel, not the destination
Written by Thomas Dodds
Profit is the fuel, not the destination. It is the lifeblood of the company that allows everything else to happen. If you don't make enough profit, you can't fund growth properly. If you don't make enough profit, you can't invest in people and your long-term objectives.
People are worth investing in
Written by Thomas Dodds
People are worth investing in. Your employees deserve a compelling reason to work for you. That starts with how you treat them. It shows up in providing an environment for them where they can thrive and use their God-given talents every day. It shows up and how you invest in them to help them grow. They stay because of how you treat them and the compelling vision that you have for lasting impact.

Your customers Deserved to be left better off than you found them. This shows up in doing what you say. It shows up in treating them and serving them well. It shows up in making long-term decisions for their good versus just taking profit. They will be raving fans when you care for them.
Lasting Impact is possible
Written by Thomas Dodds
A compelling vision is difficult when you don't know how you want to change employees lives in your customers lives and the lives of the industry and the world around you.

Your vision must encompass each of those and grab hold of the common compelling theme.

This purpose, the reason that you exist, will catalyze every decision and set your thinking to make the best decisions for lasting impact rather than short-term results.
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